[izpack-users] Problem running old app with 3.9.0

Markus Krajewski Markus.Krajewski at berlin.de
Mon Sep 25 17:36:07 CEST 2006

Markus Krajewski schrieb:
> Hello,
> after updating to the new 3.9.0 release I got a problem running my 
> installer. Without having changed one line of my scripts, the compiler 
> runs the package without errors. After starting the installer, the 
> LanguageSelectionPanel appears as it has been with 3.8. Everything's 
> fine up to this point. But after pressing ok, this error shows up and 
> the installers freezes:
Hello again,

I've solved the problem. It was within my scripts. Where 3.8.1 accepted 
declarations like:

            <panel classname="ShortcutPanel">
            <os family="windows"/>
            <panel classname="ShortcutPanel">
            <os family="unix" name="Linux"/>

3.9.0 instead refused this. But after condensing the declaration simply to

          <panel classname="ShortcutPanel"/>

everything runs fine now. Thank you very much for the new release!



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