[izpack-users] Variable desktopshortcutcheckboxenabled doesn't work

Marc Eppelmann marc.eppelmann at gmx.de
Wed Sep 27 16:18:56 CEST 2006

Hi Hans-Georg,

The Variable Name is casesensitive: DesktopShortcutCheckboxEnabled
The value, if missing is false. If "true" is given, the Checkbox should be 


Am Mittwoch, 27. September 2006 15:19 schrieb Hans-Georg Michna:
> Hello everyone! I'm new, so please forgive any beginner's
> mistakes I may make.
> I'm testing the new version 3.9.0, which seems to work
> excellently so far, except for some tags that are now required
> and don't fall back to defaults when missing, and except for the
> new variable desktopshortcutcheckboxenabled, which doesn't work
> in my tests. Here's the install.xml (slightly abridged :-):
> <installation version="1.0">
>   <!-- ... -->
>   <variables>
>     <variable name="desktopshortcutcheckboxenabled"
> value="true"/>
>   </variables>
>   <!-- ... -->
> </installation>
> I've also tried value="True", value="t", value="y", value="yes",
> but the desktop shortcut checkbox is still unchecked. What I
> didn't do is look into the source code. (:-) I'm not a Java
> developer, currently just an installer developer.
> Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug?
> Hans-Georg

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