[izpack-users] Strange error when downloading packs of web installer

Gernot Stenz stenzg at in.tum.de
Thu Aug 2 17:54:04 CEST 2007

Hello, again!

I am encountering a strange new problem when testing my IzPack-built
web installer. This installer contains 14 different packs that unpacked will
total some 800MB. We are currently finishing a release and for that I have
been testing the installer in its newest (and biggest) configuration. Doing
this I have encountered the following:

I have been testing the installer on three machines, one desktop (Linux) and
two notebooks (one Linux and one Windows). On the notebooks the installation
will go without a hitch, yet on the desktop I always get the same error
message when downloading pack 9:


I have also passed on the installer to some of my colleagues for independent
testing, both under Windows, and for one the installer worked while the other
one got the same error message as me (only for pack 11). He uses Java 6 while
my desktop runs Java 5.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? Could this be a timeout problem of
the download mechanism? How could I find out more about the error?

Puzzled, Gernot

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