[izpack-users] Problem executing JAR file from ProcessPanel on Linux

yj yj at m-itc.net
Fri Aug 3 13:28:00 CEST 2007

    I have successfully built an installer to deploy a web application 
and make necessary configurations to the application server.

The installer is supposed to launch a swing application which we have 
developed which will configure data sources, create sub directories and 
create database and populate tables.

While the installer works fine on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, it 
is not able to find the jar file to execute and gives the following 
message in the Process Panel.

"Unable to access jarfile "/home/yj/AEWA/utils/DataSourceInstaller.jar"

However, the file does exists in that directory and has all privileges 
required for execution. And besides, i am able to execute the file 
outside the installer.

Can anyone suggest what is wrong with the current procedure or if there 
is any additional configurations that i need to do.

Best Regards,

Jankee Yogesh
Team Leader

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