[izpack-users] Linux shortcuts

Bernhard Jung bernhard at bernhardjung.de
Thu Aug 23 19:49:29 CEST 2007


a first I want to thank the creators of IzPack for this great piece of 
software. It is efficient, feature rich and easy to use. I didn't take long 
to create an Installer for my project and everything works well under 
Windows, but under Linux I have a little problem. 

It's the same problem as mentioned in this mail:
Every shortcut appears two times and they are all under the development 
category. Using the the Categories attribute for the shortcuts didn't help.
I found out why the shortcuts appear double. It's because they are created in 
~/.kde/share/applnk and ~/.local/share/applications. If I remove the Links 
from one of the directories there is only one shortcut left in the menu. To 
place the shortcuts in other category than development I had to edit 
~/.config/menus/applications-kmenuedit.menu manually.
Is this problem Kubuntu specific? I'm using Kubuntu Dapper with KDE 3.5.2.
Is there a other solution to this problem or will this problem be solved in 
the near future? 


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