[izpack-users] Starting a Microsoft installer from IzPack

Gernot Stenz stenzg at in.tum.de
Tue Feb 6 13:28:27 CET 2007


currently I have a serious problem with IzPack. I am writing an installer that
is supposed to call another, platform-dependent installer (one containing
the Tortoise SVN Client).

Currently I am organising it this way:

 <executable os="windows" targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/Tortoise/install-tortoise.bat" stage="postinstall" keep="true">
      <arg value="$INSTALL_PATH/Tortoise/TortoiseSVN-" />

where install-tortoise.bat is a small batch file that looks like this:

start /wait msiexec /i %1

The argument is necessary as I cannot execute the MSI script on its own and
somehow the path of the installer script has to be passed to the batch file.

The construction as a whole might work. When I replace the '%1' in the batch
file by the MSI-script-name with a proper path, all will perform nicely.

But the argument passing from the IzPack installer to the batch file does not
seem to work. I also tried this:
but it did not help either.

Did anybody get this to work?

TIA Gernot

BTW, the 'executable' tags of a pack are evaluated in reverse order.

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