[izpack-users] I18N packs

Per Newgro per.newgro at gmx.ch
Wed Feb 7 14:28:07 CET 2007

Hi *,

i try to i18n my pack names and descriptions but it's not working. As 
described in docu i created a packsLang.xml_deu and a packsLang.xml_eng

I imported it into my installer.xml
		<res src="packsLang.xml_deu" id="packsLang.xml_deu" />
		<res src="packsLang.xml_eng" id="packsLang.xml_eng" />

and added the content to the files

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<!-- The German langpack -->
    <str id="program" txt="Anwendung"/>
    <str id="program.description" txt="Anwendung - Test 1"/>
    <str id="mysql" txt="Skripte und Treiber"/>
    <str id="mysql.description" txt="Skripte und Treiber zur Nutzung einer 
MySQL Datenbank"/>
    <str id="jamon" txt="Optionale Werkzeuge"/>
    <str id="jamon.description" txt="Werkzeug zur Performancemessung"/>
    <str id="server" txt="Anwendungsserver"/>
    <str id="server.description" txt="Der Anwendungsserver - JBoss Application 
Server GA 4.0.5"/>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<!-- The english langpack -->
    <str id="program" txt="Business solution"/>
    <str id="program.description" txt="The business solution - Test 1"/>
    <str id="mysql" txt="Scripts and drivers"/>
    <str id="mysql.description" txt="Scripts and drivers for usage of a MySQL 
    <str id="jamon" txt="Optional utilities"/>
    <str id="jamon.description" txt="Performance messurement"/>
    <str id="server" txt="Application server"/>
    <str id="server.description" txt="Application server - JBoss Application 
Server GA 4.0.5"/>

My packs are
	<pack name="program" preselected="yes" required="yes">
		<description>Test 1</description>
		<fileset dir="." targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" casesensitive="yes">
			<include name="icons/**" />
	<pack name="mysql" preselected="yes" required="no" depends="server">
		<fileset dir="." targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" casesensitive="yes">
			<include name="server/default/lib/mysql-connector-*.jar" />
	<pack name="jamon" preselected="yes" required="no" depends="server">
		<fileset dir="." targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" casesensitive="yes">
			<include name="server/default/deploy/jamon.war" />
	<pack name="server" preselected="yes" required="no">
		<fileset dir="." targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" casesensitive="yes">
			<include name="**" />

Can someone tell me what im doing wrong here?


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