[izpack-users] Starting a Microsoft installer from IzPack

Wilson Carl Carl.Wilson at uk.thalesgroup.com
Wed Feb 7 14:45:02 CET 2007

I had a similar problem with windows scripts - had a problem with IzPack
parsing $INSTALL_PATH and then found I needed some additional variables like
the JDK home instead of the JRE home, and differences under Windows and

I solved it by inventing some other variables to go into the script and then
writing a Java 'parser' program which allowed me to define the variable and
its substitution, e.g. java -jar parser.jar -D $MY_VARIABLE=my_substitute.
I now download the script and run my own parser program to substitute the
variables, then execute the script.  Java was all I had available, but you
could write the parser in any language.  If you don't have Java or anything
else, then try autoit (google for it).

Probably more elegant ways of doing it by integrating the jar into IzPack,
but this worked for me so I could get on with draining the swamp instead of
worrying about the crocodiles gathering around.

Carl Wilson

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