[izpack-users] quit installer custom action listener

E.othman othmanelmoulat at menara.ma
Mon Mar 19 11:42:10 CET 2007

hi Klaus and thanks for the reply.
my first design was to display my custom panel before installation; 
however i encountered a problem that obliged me to perform installation 
before displaying custom panel.
here is the description of the issue:
in my packs i include some exe and bin files that i want to launch based 
on user choice : if user selects the pack then i need to launch the exe 
/bin file.
i did that using a process panel :
<job name="openoffice">
  <os family="windows" />
  <executefile name="$INSTALL_PATH/openoffice/OO.exe">
here you can notice that I'm executing the file after installation.
the question is : can i execute this file before installation ? if yes 
what's the path to use for it ?
i tried paths "openoffice/OO.exe" and "oo.exe" paths but didn't worked.
a thought i have is to extract this "oo.exe" file from the Pack object 
into some tmp directory then  launch it .is that possible ? how to 
extract a packfile from a given pack ?
is there any better design u can propose me to solve my problem ?


Bartz, Klaus wrote:
> Hi single,
> there right way to solve this is to move the panel order
> that the custom path selection panel will be shown before 
> installation.
> There is no way to use a custom action because the last one
> will be performed at end of InstallPanel.
> A work around can be to set the variable of install data
> which determine whether the installation is ok or not. 
> I do not know by rote the name of the variable. Look into
> InstallPanel where it is set and grep for occurrence of it
> to see the usage. If you use the registry stuff there is
> a second stuff to prohibit intermediate uninstall. Search
> also for it.
> Cheers
> Klaus
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>> Hi all;
>> i perform a standard installation using panels and packs . 
>> after installation is complete i display a custom path 
>> selection panel 
>> to get some input path from user.the panel is blocked until 
>> user enters 
>> the correct input.
>> now if user fails to validate this path sel panel he has only 
>> one left 
>> choice which is to quit installation because he always gets 
>> blocked when 
>> pressing next button.
>> what i want to do is if user clicks quit button delete all 
>> installation 
>> files i.e like if installation failed . i thought to use a 
>> custom action 
>> listener but don't know how to implement that.
>> can someone help me solve this issue ?
>> thanks.
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