[izpack-users] More problems with 3.10.0

Markus Krajewski Markus.Krajewski at berlin.de
Wed May 23 14:55:12 CEST 2007

Laurent Duperval schrieb:
> Hi,
> Another issue I just found. I created two locales (eng and fra) with 
> the appropriate language files, as specified in the documentation. 
> When I do things in English, everything is fine. However, when I try 
> to use the French version, my InfoPanel appears correctly, my 
> HelloPanel appears correctly, but none of the UserInputPanels in 
> between show the text elements. The input widgets (text inputs, combo 
> boxes) appear, but the labels that should accompany them do not.

I've experienced the same problem, even with 3.10.2. Did you find a 
solution how to get rid off it?
Thank you for any advise.



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