[izpack-users] Installation from multiple source jars

Joe Littlejohn joe.littlejohn at talgentra.com
Thu Nov 1 09:59:51 CET 2007

We're currently using IzPack as part of our build process to generate 3
separate installation bundles for our 3 apps. This has been very
successful, however the size of our deliverable is now rather large, and
we're looking for ways to re-structure the installation files to reduce

Is there any way to allow IzPack to use more than one jar file as part
of an installation? This would allow us to extract all the common files
(e.g. all the jars) into one jar, that is re-used by all three IzPack
installs. The IzPack documentation doesn't mention this as far as I can
tell. The idea would be something along the lines of:
app1-install.jar (executable IzPack installation jar, installs app 1)
app2-install.jar (executable IzPack installation jar, installs app 2)
app3-install.jar (executable IzPack installation jar, installs app 3)
common-install.jar (contains the set of jar files re-used by all three)
Can anyone advise if this is possible?

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