[izpack-users] Newbie: Really don't understand to use Izpack

ndung manik ndoenks at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 11:40:11 CET 2007

Hi, everyone...

I have read Izpack-tutorial many times and searched tutorial in internet, but  I didn't find any help that satisfied me. I made Java application and want to make it's installer by izpack. Because izpack doesn't have friendly graphical user interface, so I confuse to use it. Can you help me, please???

Supposing I want to make installer that have:
1. Introduction
2. Application information
3. License 
4. Verifying that computer should have JRE and MySQL been installed. Just by choose yes or no. Because in installation package can't attached JRE or MySQL (it's size so big). If no, he can install it from internet by giving a link.
5. Installation destination have been decided by me. User can't choose, like example C:\MyApplication
6. Installation process like progress bar.
7. Running autoexec.bat. This file contained several command to make database, table in MySQL, classpath for Java and JDBC driver (I have made this file, supposing it located on C:\MyApplication\autoexec.bat, I need this installer run this autoexec.bat file)
8. Finished installation

Can you help me, please? step by step (note that I use Windows OS)....
Thx for your attention...

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