[izpack-users] User Interface Glitch in the UserInputPanle

Craig Thomson craig at craigthomson.me.uk
Wed Nov 28 16:24:31 CET 2007


Sorry, me again. Thank you for your time and help.

I've noticed that the UserInputPanel Combo Box behaves slightly
strangely if I click forward to the next panel, then back.

The Text and Combo box and associated title text seem to lose track of
each other and end up squashed on top of one another.

Here is an example of my panel which I hope will not be too mangled by
mail software:

  <panel order="2">
    <field type="title" txt="Resource Deployment"/>
	<field type="combo" variable="databaseType">
	  <description align="left" txt="Please select the type of resource
you want to deploy"
	  <spec txt="Resource Type:">
  	  <choice txt="MySQL" value="mysql" />
	  <choice txt="DB2" value="db2" set="true" />
	  <choice txt="MS SQL Server" value="sqlserver" />
	  <choice txt="Oracle" value="oracle" />
	  <choice txt="PostgreSQL" value="postgresql" />
	  <choice txt="eXist" value="exist" />
	  <choice txt="File" value="file" />
    <field type="text" variable="resourceID">
      <description txt="Please add an ID to identify this resource."/>
      <spec txt="Resource ID:" size="16" set="MyResource"/>

Is this a known issue, or am I missing something?


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