[izpack-users] Mac OS : shortcut and batch files

Olivier Delrieu pub at delrieu.org
Wed Nov 28 21:16:57 CET 2007

Dear All,

My understanding is that the current IzPack version does not install desktop shortcuts in the Mac OS X environment. Is
there a way around that? If not, will the next version provide this feature and what is the timeline for that?

Also, and this might be outside the scope of this list, users need to call my Java application with arguments in the
command line. In the Windows environment I provide desktop shortcuts pointing to batch files (.bat) including commands

      start javaw -XX:+AggressiveHeap -jar "..\dist\blahblah.jar"

What would be the equivalent for the Mac OS X environment (for which I have zero experience...) ?

Many thanks,


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