[izpack-users] IZPack Ant task - native files are not taken from ${basedir} but from current directory

René Krell rkrell at gk-software.com
Wed Nov 28 15:24:46 CET 2007

I have an Ant buildfile with the Ant task integrated:
  <izpack input="${basedir}/install.xml"

If I run it from the same directory ${basedir} as the current working 
directory, than all goes fine.

If I run it from another directory by relative or absolute paths, either by 
ant -f ... or the <ant> task within another buildfile from a different 
directory, the task fails:
install.xml:30: Native Library not found: bin/native/3rdparty/win32jni.dll

The file is really there, but assumably the <native> tag in the installer 
description install.xml:
  <native type="3rdparty" name="win32jni.dll" stage="both">
    <os family="windows"/>
does not look in the current Ant project's ${basedir}, but in the current 
working directory, which must not be necessarily the same. Ant tasks by 
default use ${basedir} as the prefix for relative paths, so it would be fine 
if the IZPack Ant task would do so, too. The current working directory is 
normally unpredictable and does not guarantee a clean Ant build.

Thanks, R.

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