[izpack-users] IZPack Ant task - native files are not taken from ${basedir} but from current directory

Craig Thomson craig at craigthomson.me.uk
Wed Nov 28 18:56:11 CET 2007


>If I run it from the same directory ${basedir} as the current working
>directory, than all goes fine.
>If I run it from another directory by relative or absolute paths, either by
>ant -f ... or the <ant> task within another buildfile from a different
>directory, the task fails:

I encountered a similar problem. My solution was to add this to the
performAction method of AntAction.java:

After: antProj.setSystemProperties();

// Set the working directory of the ant task to be the same as the
// folder in which the xml file lives.
File buildFile = new File(getBuildFile());

I do not guarantee that this is terribly robust, but it seems to work for


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