[izpack-devel] Updating to latest version of NanoXML

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Fri Jan 5 19:46:05 CET 2007

Hi Stefan,

first of all I would like to wish everyone a happy new year!

tricky business that. Let me make another suggestion here, even though I
suspect that most developers will probably not share my opinion. To be
honest, it would be a substantial amount of work too.

Not that I want to talk NanoXML down or anything like that, but we have to
acknowledge that the core library already contains a very powerful XML
parser, that is admittedly more stable and more capable than NanoXML. So the
question to me is, why load the installer down with an extra library, to
solve a problem that could be solved better without it?

I understand why NanoXML was used in the first place, but the original
restrictions do not exist any more. So if we are at a point where a code
upgrade around XML parsing is required, why not go all the way and use the
XML parser provided with the Java API?


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Hi all,

I wanted to include line feeds in some messages and found that the shipped
version of NanoXML does
not handle character entities correctly. In particular I have the following

<str id="VdpTargetPanel.updatedir"
      txt="Die bestehende PolFHa-Installation wird aktualisiert.&#xa;Bitte
stellen Sie sicher, dass
der PolFHa-Server gestoppt ist."/>

The resource contains a "&#xa;" character reference. According to the XML
specification this
character reference is reported as the character $a to the application and
should result in a "\n"
character in the corresponding Java string.

Then I updated the shipped NanoXML to the latest version (2.2.3) and viola:
the line feed appeared
in the message box.

Therefore I suggest that the shipped NanoXML is updated to the latest

Yet, updating NanoXML needs the modification of quite lot files in IzPack
because NanoXML introduced
an IXMLElement interface. Finding & replacing the various scattered
reference to the XMLElement
class by references to this interface took me about half an hour.

Maybe the sources of NanoXML no longer need to be included with IzPack
because the vanilla
distribution is now "good" enough? What is your opinion about this?


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