[izpack-devel] Updating to latest version of NanoXML

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Sun Jan 7 20:12:16 CET 2007


well, my plate is full right now. Still have to complete the LOG implementation. 

One thing that makes the change some extra work is, that walking the tree with javax works different than in NanoXML and is more coding effort. For my own use I have implemented a small utility class that makes working with the javax implementation a bit easier. While it is not identical to NanoXML, it might turn out to be similar enough that it can be adapted to the job, making the switch easier. So if someone wants to get this project underway, contact me. I am willing to contribute that code to use as a starter.


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Hi Elmar,

> I understand why NanoXML was used in the first place, but the original
> restrictions do not exist any more. So if we are at a point where a code
> upgrade around XML parsing is required, why not go all the way and use the
> XML parser provided with the Java API?

If we had to change that, it would indeed make sense to use javax.xml.*

The big question is of course "do we really need to change that?". The
thing is that NanoXML is strongly-coupled in some parts of the

Any volunteer to evaluate such a change impacts?


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