[izpack-devel] Next release will be 3.10.0

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 08:39:37 CET 2007

Hi Markus,

> 2/6 "loose"-feature fix: pending. The "loose"-feature does simply not
> work correct without this patch, can not live without this fix.

I am interested to merge this one, but the last version of the patch
did not apply against the source code. I would be happy to try again
if you could update it. I should have told you, but got stuck by other
work duties then holidays.

About 5/6: I will have a look again to make my mind, but I am mildly
in favour of this patch since there is no consensus about it.

On the project management: we do our best on our *free time* (nobody
employs us to write code for the project). It is not easy to add
developers to a project. Elmar is a long-time IzPack developer, but he
simply did not register at BerliOS at the moment. Vladimir is doing a
great job sending us patches, and he can become a developer if he
wants, or keep sending patches here and then we merge them.

You see, we cannot add somebody to the project before he/she has sent
us a few patches as a contributor. This allows us to evaluate the
quality of the code *and* how this person behaves in a team. And of
course, the person has to be willing to become a developer. We don't
put any scheduling pressure on developers given that this is voluntary
work, but still not everybody wants to invest time in a project which
is easy to understand.

Many other OSS projects works this way, see Apache and the likes. We
have always been very open to suggestions/additions and welcoming new
developers, but we cannot accept *every* change proposal simply
because we are an OSS project :-)


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