[izpack-devel] izPack evaluation - some questions

Markus Schlegel schlm3 at gmail.com
Tue May 29 08:49:28 CEST 2007

#1. Checkout the sources, setup project in Eclipse, either write to the Log
or place a breakpoint and you are done....
#2. Add a Custom InstallAction that reads the license. You may lookup the
code in the PacksPanel on how to select packs programatically. This is a
typical usage scenario of IzPack: If you miss a functionality, add it
yourself by using the open API...
#3. Not sure about this. There is an unzip option for archives, but I am not
sure how it works exactly. I use a Custom InstallAction to copy some
customer specific files after the installation took place (patches,
customisation). But if some of these files are new (not known in the
installer already), the uninstaller does not delete them, except the user
checks the flag "delete all files".
Because the uninstaller is not pluggable, you can't modify this uninstaller
behaviour without branching the IzPack Sources :-(


2007/5/28, Glen <izpack at verran.za.net>:
> Hi folks,
> I am in the process of evaluating izPack.  Here is the scenorio in which I
> am going to use it and I am hoping that you'll be able to please answer
> some
> questions for me. :)  This may sound like a tall order ... :)
> We have over 150 jars that we've developed and about 80 3rd party jars.
> Each module that we develop in a jar on its own. Our archietecture is
> pluggable hense the large amount of jars.  What I've done is I've set up
> each jar as a pack inside the install.xml file.  I've also specified each
> jar's dependencies, whether they are our own developed jars or any 3rd
> party
> jars.
> #1.  I attempted to compile the install.xml, but came across a circular
> dependency error.  The compilier doesn't indicate what dependency is
> circular.  Is there a way to find out what dependency is circular?
> When the installer runs, I query for a zip file containing jars that we've
> developed specifically for a client as well as a license file.
> #2.  Is there a way to dynamically without user intervention to choose
> packs
> in IzPack to install?  The license depicts what packs must be installed,
> so
> basically I want to interrigate the license and filter down the packs that
> I
> don't need and only copy the packs that are licensed.  In order to do
> this,
> I'll need to get the license from the zip file (the easy part), but I need
> to know how to get the packs and filter them down before the installation
> runs.
> #3.  Contained within this zip file, are other client speicifc jars too.
> How can I add these to the installation process? i.e. instead of IzPack
> copying them from the installer jar file, they are copied from the zip
> file
> that was specified.  I also need to copy the license file too.   Is this
> possible?
> These are my questions for now.  Please let me know if you need more info.
> Thanks a lot!
> ~Glen
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