[izpack-users] Installer for VISTA - works fine with a Launcher!

Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Thu Dec 14 16:22:07 CET 2006

Hi all

I have tested my Installer on Vista (English UI, German LanguageSettings) now. My installer includes all the patches I have published on the list recently, especially the "Program Files" Folder Patch.
It works, since I use a Launcher (tested with Launch4J which is an exe file that wraps the jar-file, and a Launcher generated with NSIS (35KB exe file that uses the jar file)).

Both launcher will correctly ask for elevation - or the admin credentials if logged in as a User only. The elevated access token is then sent along with the fork to all processes started from the launcher and also from the installer.

When I try to execute the jar file, it fails (explorer hangs). This is what has been reported by Roland...

It seems, that the Solution is to use a launcher. Which one depends on your preferences. The Pro of using a launcher is (especially applies to Launch4J), that it searches for an appropriate Java VM for your Installer (either one that is delivered along with your installer or one that is installed somewhere on the system) and displays the Java Download Page if it couldn't find a JRE.

So I think this is rather an improvement to the current "jar only" solution.


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Hi Roland,

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>Hi Klaus,
>>MS descibes, that Vista analysis the executable whether it
>can be an installation or not. This will fail with
>Yes, it will/should definitly fail ... 
>>In the moment I do not know whether IzPack will be able to
>run on Vista in future or not. I rember that there is a
>>examination whether the installation directory is writeable
>or not. May be this action will be done to early that >it is not 
>possible to change the path. Do you have tried to install in a user 
>Yes, that works if you install it into your profile folder. 
>But you don't get an error message if you try to install a write 
>protected directory ... That is weird.

This should not be. We have had a verification of writeable.
May be I must show...

>What about merging izpack with the launcher? - I haven't tested it yet, 
>but that could solve the problem, does'nt it?

May be, but I am not confident. We have a program change (fork?) from the launcher to java.exe with the installation. I assume that MS do not give the special process token to the child process.

I will look if I have a system and test all possiblities (if I have time). But this will be not before January (hollidays...).



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