Direct installer download

The current legacy release is IzPack 4.3.5. We encourage you to migrate to the latest release IzPack 5.2.0.

Launching an IzPack-based installer is easy. On most operating systems, a double-click on the Jar file icon will do. Otherwise, you may need to launch it from a shell command:

$ java -jar izpack-dist-5.2.0-installer.jar

If you are interested in the source code then please have a look at the instructions for obtaining it from Git.

Maven users

For IzPack 4.3.5:


For IzPack 5.x:


See the new IzPack Maven plugin documentation.

If you are migrating from IzPack 4 to IzPack 5, do not forget to read our migration notes.

Gradle users

An independent and very promising project gives Gradle users a plugin for IzPack:

Scala SBT users

Brian Clapper develops an awesome plugin for Scala SBT:

Apache BuildR users

Niklaus Giger maintains a plug-in for Apache BuildrR. The code can be found at

Graphical user interfaces

DCP Setup Maker

DCP Setup Maker is an opensource project, powered by IzPack and developed by SAID EL IMAM Said, that generates java installers easily for a set of files, without the need of coding knowledge. It automatically writes the xml code, and compiles it for you.

DCP Setup Maker is not affiliated with the IzPack project, and is released under the terms of the Apache license v2


The independent PackJacket opensource project offers a convenient graphical user interface for creating IzPack-based installers.

PackJacket is not affiliated with the IzPack project, and is released under the terms of the GPLv3 license

Native launchers

IzPack 4 came along with a simple Windows native launcher that could check for the presence of a Java Runtime, and install it if need be. This launcher is currently not supported in IzPack 5 due to a missing maintainer for this feature. If you like to take care about this just join us!

You may alternatively look at the independent JSmooth and Launch4J opensource projects. Lots of users have had positive experiences mixing them with IzPack based installers!