This initiative promotes those who use and/or contribute to IzPack. We use the following logos courtesy of their owners.


“We adopted izPack for the installation of LogicalDOC - Document Management System because we found it the best packaging tool to create professional installers for Java applications. We appreciate the platform independency that allows us to compile once and install our software in Windows, Linux and Mac systems. Another really nice feature is the console mode installer, which is a perfect for a server-based project such as our.” – Marco Meschieri, LogicalDOC


“Silverpeas, Open source Xnet portal With more than 30 ready-to-use service components, Silverpeas™ combines all the tools you need to get your collaborative spaces up and running in a few clicks.Services such as Blog, wiki, forum, directories, project management, ECM, picture gallery, diaries, and many more let you develop your own personalized space.”

“IzPack was THE choice for us since it provides an easy way to install on any OS, thus making Silverpeas’ installation just some little clicks away. Since IzPack is built with Maven and the source code is available on Github, we could easily contribute to it and got tremendous support from its dev team. Many thanks to Antonin and Julien” – Emmanuel Hugonnet, Silverpeas


“Jahia’s next-generation, open source CMS stems from a widely acknowledged vision of enterprise application convergence - web, search, document, social and portal - unified by the simplicity of web content management. Structured around Jahia Extended Content Management (xCM), the Jahia Studio IDE, Jahiapps social and collaboration capabilities and based on a powerful Composite Content Management platform, Jahia brings a unique modularity to the Java development arena. It is the tool of choice for building innovative user experiences for virtually any type of web application at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. Founded in 2002 in Switzerland, Jahia has its North American headquarters in Washington DC, and offices in Canada and throughout Europe. Jahia has over 350 customers in more than 20 countries across the globe. For more information, please visit

“After evaluating many installers, including commercial ones, we chose IzPack because it was both mature and open source. For a company like ours, being able to access the source code is critical, as we often have to quickly answer customer requests or feedback, and could never do so without the access to the code. Another critical feature was the console mode installer, which is a hard requirements for a server-based project such as ours. We love the ability to contribute back and also help the project in whatever way we can.” – Serge Hber, CTO at Jahia Solutions Group

SpringSource Tool Suite

“We are using IzPack to create cross-platform installers for our SpringSource Tool Suite. IzPack has proven to provide the flexibility and extensibility that we need for creating installers that can run natively on our target platforms. By using IzPack we could provide our users a very simple and intuitive installation procedure that gets them up and running within minutes with no manual installation steps. Thanks to the IzPack project for this nice piece of open source software.” – Christian Dupuis, SpringSource, a division of VMware

The Scala Programming Language

The Scala project uses IzPack, enthusiatically agreed to be mentioned here, but somehow nobody seems able to provide us with a quote despite Martin’s very best efforts :-)


“We use IzPack on the XWiki open source project because it’s the best packaging tool out there! Also it’s a Java tool and we’ve been able to integrate it nicely in our Maven build process to automate generation of generic installers for XWiki. We’re also using it in conjunction with launch4j to generate a native Windows installer. See for more details. We’re far from having explored all the niceties offered by IzPack.” – Vincent Massol, XWiki


Terracotta uses IzPack.


“We chose IzPack so as not having to deal with a Windows-specific installer anymore. We take advantage of it for generating multiple Nuxeo distribution profile installers in complement with other common packages that we maintain (Zip archives, Debian, RPM, HomeBrew, VMWare/VirtualBox, …). We also use it in place of our current .Net installer.” – Julien Carsique, Nuxeo


“We chose IzPack because of its track record across the years in delivering platform independent installers for Java based tools and applications. Setting it up was a breeze (there’s good documentation and plenty of examples out there) and now our build happily churns out an installer whenever we feel like having one. IzPack is not only used to deliver binary and source packages of the Griffon framework but also to build installers for any Griffon application if the Installer plugin is available. – Andres Almiray, Griffon


“OW2 JOnAS is a LGPL licensed Java EE certified application server. We’ve been using IzPack for 3 years now. We choosed IzPack because it was super easy to produce a high quality installer in no-time.It was also a lot of fun to use and quite amazing to see how easy and fast it was to create a JOnAS installer. Starting from a simple installer, we’ve quickly moved to a more sophisticated/customized installer using IzPack (and home made) extensions.We even have a web installer based on IzPack! Thanks to the IzPack team, keep up the good work.” – Mathieu Ancelin, Serli & Guillaume Sauthier, Bull


“OW2 JASMINe is an LGPL licensed management system (and more) for SOA platforms. The OW2 JASMINe project started to use IzPack 2 years ago. What seduced us in IzPack is the complete offer of standard and advanced features to quickly build a portable installer which will run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Furthermore, the integration in the project’s build process went seamlessly with the help of the izpack maven plugin. A big thank to the IzPack team for their work.” – Julien Legrand, Bull


“bliss is a fully automated organizer for digital music. It uses rules that you control to ensure your album art is complete, consistent and correct. There are rules to find and organize album art, re-organize music file and folders and lookup missing information such as genre and year. bliss uses IzPack as its installer for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It allowed me to write a simple, straightforward installer, but was also flexible enough to allow console only installs, bundling of a JRE, inclusion in a .exe file and more. The community is helpful and the documentation comprehensive.” –Dan Gravell, elsten software


“IzPack is an outstanding tool for creating professional, cross-platform installers. Since 2006 we use it exclusively for building installers for our product range of testing solutions, PETA-Testautomation and Klaros-Testmanagement. It is really easy to get started with while providing very powerful extension capabilities and is well documented.” – Torsten Stolpmann, verit Informationssysteme


“IzPack is a simple step added to the deployment cycle of my applications. Once you have it working, which is pretty straightforward btw, you simply add it to some compilation or release script and forget about it. I found IzPack to be the fastest way to have the job done.” – Lucio Crusca, Virtual Bit